The first mobile therapeutic clinically-tested app to help you manage high blood pressure and related heart risks.

For individuals: The easiest way to track blood pressure and understand your heart health, using a FREE app for iPhone, Apple Watch & Android.

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For Employers & Health Plans: A rapid ROI solution that targets your most expensive preventable health cost - heart disease. Easy enrollment, HIPAA compliant. Find out about 2016 enrollment
For Industry Partners: The first mHealth solution to successfully change behavior for managing heart risk. Get "Health Care Costs of Heart Disease" white paper

The best Blood Pressure Tracker and Management app for iOS and Android

Visual, easy to understand explanations show your heart’s full picture. Together with notifications, Touch ID and Apple Health integration, you’re all set to quickly track and understand your Blood pressure trends and learn what to do about it.

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Follow doctor’s orders, right from your wrist

Most doctors recommend measuring your Blood Pressure at least once a day. Subtle notifications remind you to log your BP on your shiny new Apple Watch in an quick, easy way, so you never miss a log!

Stay motivated to track your Blood Pressure daily with the BP ring in the Apple Watch. The Glance will show your recent BP measure and trends.

List all your drugs and doctors

Having an organized list of all your drugs and doctors can be handy at emergencies, and to keep track of your health and treatment. Drug reminders will help you make sure you always take your drugs on time.

Simple to use, easy to access, all your info is always available on your iPhone, just in case.

It’s time to understand what these numbers actually mean

High Blood Pressure? Cholesterol? Diabetes? Import lab results from your clinic and get a comprehensive view that’s easy to understand. No more meaningless numbers – Hello Heart helps you understand what they mean.

All your lab results, always at hand

Connect Hello Heart to your clinic and instantly receive all your lab results and other medical info, organized for you.

Access your latest lab results – blood tests, urine tests, Lipid Panel and more – and show them to your doctor when needed.

Here’s what our customers say…

“Every doctor visit my blood pressure read high. She wanted to put me on BP meds. So I tracked my BP at home and brought in my iPhone for her to see my day to day readings. No meds!”
− Jessica, 54 year old, Boston

“Awesome. This stuff needs to be in your fingertips, not in paper land”
− Jonathan Monkemeyer, Philadelphia

“Our clinic was looking for an app to recommend to patients to track their medical conditions. Your automated import & conversion of medical records is pretty powerful. Well done!”
− Lisa, clinic manager, San Francisco

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